Sunday, November 23, 2014


More detailed review to follow later.  I am truly pleased with the fit and look of this.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

V9026 Progress

I am so happy to report that I have made great progress on the Vogue top pattern using the remnants from the "Reunion" dress.  I am liking how the back piece wraps around toward the front.  I am just about through with this and was going to take a few photos; battery needs recharging :-(

I know that I will make another one from this pattern and will probably try the one with the cowl neck also.  I have so many top patterns that I want to sew.  I am on a top kick on this time as I really need to replace several that have been worn a lot!

I promised photos of the fabric from Fabric Mart.  Once battery is charged I will take those photos.  I was not overwhelmed with the scuba knit fabric, the two pieces are real shiny and that was not what I anticipated.  The fabric is quite different from my first scuba knit purchase.  The black and beige over sized hounds tooth print is really nice; I thought the wrong side would be the same as the right or very close.  It is not so the pattern I had in mind I will not be using as the wrong side shows and I don't like the look of the wrong side of this sweater knit.

I took advantage of a sale from Gorgeous Fabrics earlier in the week and hope that the fabric may arrive before Thanksgiving.

I will share more soon.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


This past weekend I started a sewing process for two tops.  One top is Vogue 9026

I am making view B using fabric left over from my "Reunion" Dress.  It is rather thick ponte knit and thus should be fairly warm for our current cold, cold weather.

I prepared the sweater knit fabric from EOS readying it for me to cut out on Sunday along with the fabric for the above top.  I awoke Sunday morning not feeling well and ended up with a stomach virus that left me feeling "blah" and had no energy for sewing.

Taking a few moments here and there on Monday and Tuesday, I have finished cutting out the V9026 and have the sweater knit and McCall pattern on cutting table to find bits of time to do that this week. The intent is to have them ready for the coming weekend.  I am taking next week off for a "staycation" and plan to sew along with cooking for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  Can you believe it is now that time of year??????!!!!!!!

I hope your sewing plans are going well.

PS--Fed Ex delivered fabric from Fabric Mart yesterday.  Pictures to follow.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

In Between

Before I could cut out the McCall's pattern mentioned in my previous post, I needed to prepare the fabric for cutting and sewing. I decided to pull out another top pattern that I have been wanting to make.The pattern is Vogue 9026.

Nakisha, "The Sew Crafty Chemist",recently made this top. There was a another review of this pattern on Pattern Review.  I have seen similar sweatshirts on various websites such as Ann Taylor, The Loft, Dillards and more. I decided I wanted to use fabrics left over from a recent dress I made. This too is fabric from EOS.

I have made most all of the normal fitting adjustments I have to make and have pin fitted the pattern prior to this. I still need to make a 1 inch FBA. It is so cold here in southern Virginia today that my usual Saturday morning exercise at the YMCA did not happen, meaning I was not prepared to go out into the cold 20° temperatures.  The best use of my morning was to be in my sewing room.

Updates to follow.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Back to McCall's

I have finally decided what I was going to sew next; the recent drastic drop in temperatures was the motivator for my next top.

I made McCall's 6796 last year from a sweater knit fabric from EOS.

I decided to make this again as I really like the fit of it and since the fit is still good (I wore this top yesterday) this should be a quick project.

The fabric will be another sweater knit from EOS that I actually purchased before this fabric.

I purchased this in November 2013 so it has aged well.  
More updates later.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

How Do I Dislike You-- Let Me Count the Ways

I am referring to McCall's 7020.

As I noted in an earlier post this pattern has a lot of ease. As a result of reviewing the ease measurements on the back of the pattern, I decided to go with the small size. I ended up using the extra small through the shoulders and the armscye.  I then decided to transition to medium from the bust down and then decided that the small size would be sufficient.

Here are all the issues I found today when I sewed and basted the pattern for fitting:

  1. The front neckline is lower than I anticipated and it was looser and stood away from my body at the front.
  2. Even though the ease measurement at the bust area was 44 inches I found I could have used a small horizontal adjustment at the bust line or have added length at the front.
  3. The back is very full and knew that it was going to be requiring a deeper center back seam. Even with the deeper center back seam there is still quite a bit of fullness. Sway back adjustment is easy to fix due to the center back seam.
  4. I knew from the measurement posted on sleeve pattern piece was that they may be too narrow. I used the medium size and that was tight throughout even at the wrist. I have a very small wrist and so for this to be tight through that area was surprising.
  5. The sleeve length was also very long and I reduced it by an inch and a fourth before cutting it out. Even with that adjustment I would need to hem it another 2 inches.
  6. I adjusted the front neckline by taking about 1/2 inch wedge or dart at the neckline tapering to nothing at the center seam.
I have decided to set this pattern aside for now. It is somewhat salvageable but I am disappointed about all the necessary adjustments to make this work. I have other top patterns I want to pursue and I have some top patterns that fit very well, such as the Renfrew top. I planned to make another version of the Renfrew top; I am just trying to decide which fabric I have in my stash that I want to use.

More updates later.

Saturday, November 08, 2014


  1. Working on the McCall's top, pattern cut out last night
  2. I did some sewing this afternoon and think that this will be an easy peasy top to sew. It only has three pattern pieces.
  3. Went window shopping today and found a few items I liked that I know I can sew.
  4. I want some new fabrics.  I need some sweater knits to make some cardis.
  5. I want to make a few more knit tops to add to my wardrobe for casual as well as work tops.
  6. I am also designing some skirts in my head and plan to sew some soon.
  7. I pulled out some fabrics from collection to use for these skirts I am sewing in my head.
  8. Will share photos of the McCall's top tomorrow.  I think I will have finished it by the afternoon.


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